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SANTORO – Nonsense – out on Beatport – 19 of August 2014

an interview


1.Hello Santoro, “Nonsense” is your first release on Putsch Records. Tell us about the history of these two tracks.

Hello, yes this is my first release on Putsch Records. Nonsense comes from the desire to experiment with different sounds and styles, the two tracks are very different and at the same time very similar to each other, a musical nonsense that comes from all the music I’ve ever heard so far. And I know I’m a little oldschool …

2. Your sound is very Ibiz-ish, it sounds solid but always fresh and never obsessive. Is this rising from your frequent trips to the island of pleasure?

I have been in Ibiza many times and I fell in love with it,  like all those who need to listen to good music. My music is for dancefloor addicted, sweating and having fun …at least that is what appeals to me (laughs).

3. You are a very active dj in Apulia, Southern Italy. We would like to talk about what you do during your shows and how the Italian club-scene is evolving.

During my shows I try to always bring something fresh, something that makes jump, plus a healthy dose of electronic kick and bouncy basslines … I try to explore sounds. The Italian club-scene is very interesting and never as in this moment is churning many artists with new ideas from which to generate the sound of the future … electronic music never stops …


“I work in Ableton, and I usually start from kick”

4. Can you talk a bit about your production process? What software do you use? Where do you start to build your own tracks?

The ideas usually come at times when you do not expect them, usually at night when I’m not in playing in a club … I really like the energy of the night, I can create and assemble with ease. Using Ableton Live like many, I usually start from the kick, to which I devote much more time to get the perfect sound that make it sound like I want it, rich and powerful. Then comes the turn of the bassline and gradually all the other elements, and there you go…

5. Do you have new musical ideas for the future? What is currently spinning on your hard drives?

I never stop, I’m just too curious to experiment and find new sounds to play with. I am already working on a new project, let’s see how it evolves …

6. Thank you Santoro, take us home reccomending a recent must-listen single!

Well, first take a listen to Nonsense …:-)

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