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Rafven3 has released his first ep “Analog Dream” for Putsch Records. We had a little chat with him about music, djing, his release and much more!


1. Hello Raf, we would start from your music activity in Milan. Would you like to talk about it?

Well, Milan is a multifaceted city where you can find any kind of music, the places where I like to play are underground spots, where I love being able to express my tendency in deep house, tech house and techno.
Basically, there are three places where I got a residence: the Living in Piazza Sempione: it’s a club that now characterizes what the tech-oriented nightlife in Milan.
Then there’s the Swiss Corner in Piazza Cavour, where I can do great sets during aperitifs. And last but not least the Reefel’s in Porta Romana, where I play louder stuff.

2. Your first EP released by Putsch Records is called “Analog Dream”, a clear reference to the way you work with analog devices. How do you structure your workflow in the analog domain? Can you talk a bit about your gear?

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I decided to switch to analog as they are tools that make it more personal. Regarding “Analog Dream”, it was built with a Roland drum machine, Roland basslines and pads from Korg machines.

3. Do you want to speak specifically of the tracks that make up the EP?
Absolutely, three tracks are completely different from each other: “Dreams” gave me the idea to call the EP this way, because actually when listening to it, it seems to me to travel and it was a long time I had in mind a track like this.
“Everything” is rather the little girl her, as it sounds softer but eventually becomes too wicked.
The last track i
s “Pump”, the louder of the three!

3. What are your sources of inspiration? What do you listen in your spare time, in the car, while jogging? And by the way, do you go jogging?
This is a good question: may seem odd but I listen to anything but techno or house when I have some free time. I prefer to listen to rock and pop, from Redhotchilipeppers Pino Daniele passing by Lucio Battisti and Notorious BIG, Lauryn Hill, ecc.
As far as I can now actually jogging back on track after this EP came out: studio time always sucks out all other stuff!


4. Do you have future plans in mind? What will bring the next few months to Rafven3?
Certainly new productions, I’m already working on other tracks with softer sounds featuring more complex basslines, deeper grooves and some vocals, who knows!


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