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Ablaze just released his first ep “Stellar Collapse” on Putsch Records. We had a quick chat with him, talking about production, his likes and his future projects. Read on!

Ablaze portraitHello Ablaze, your “Stellar Collapse EP” was just released by Putsch Records. Can you tell us something about it?

Hello everybody! The release of “Stellar Collapse” was a unique experience because it’s my first EP released in important selling sites such as Beatport, iTunes and Juno! In these new tracks I wanted to make people aware of my skills as an electronic music producer.
Your programming is very complex, and people always want to know the technical aspects of music, that I think are a bit useless and boring. Anyway, what DAW do you use to write your music?
Yes , creating this kind of music is very complex. Techniques come from hours of training by myself and from listening every music genre, but the rest of the work is made of creativity.However talking about boring stuff for my producing I use FL studio.

The sound of “Stellar Collapse EP” is massive and punchy. Do you master your music by yourself? How can you reach that impressive loudness we hear in your tracks? And what do u think about the so-called “Loudness War” ?
I mix and master my tracks all by myself, in order to give them the proper sound I am after. I am able to reach this kind of noise by using an ultra distorted sound and some peculiar VST which are connected to particular electric basses. And as far as the Loudness War, I would like to win it!
When writing a track, do you start from scratch or do you use loops and sample libraries?
I start all my song from scratch, then I write the melodies, add the drums and finally I fill in some crazy stuff to get the structure done. The sound pack i use are mainly for FX, HHs and Claps.
What are your heroes in the contemporary electronic music scene?
My main hero is Porter Robinson, I have to thank him for making me thrill so much to electronic music.
Besides Porter there is Skrillex. I call him the god of electronic music.
Ablaze in the studio You also dj a lot in Rome and in Puglia. Can you spend a few words on the dubstep scene and on djing?
In Puglia, the italian region where I was born, the scene is still in a corner, so its way too difficult to dj in front of big audiences. Anyway whenever i drop any of my explosive tracks or some of my remixes people stare at me and very rarely they despise that sound: I’m very proud of that, and I believe that in a few years the scene will grow up.
What are your projects in the near future? Will you release other tracks with Putsch Records?
I have too many plans for the future and with any doubts I will be ready very soon with other releases.
Ablaze “Stellar Collapse ep” is available on our digital store on Beatport

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