Ignacio Nistik – an out of sync interview


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2-1Hi Ignacio, your “WAVES ep” is out today for Putsch Records, which is celebrating its 10th release.
Do you want to talk a bit about the tracks that make up your EP?
I’m very happy to be the 10th release, who knows!
This Ep which potentially contains 4 tracks that I wanted to release individually.But being my first release in Ep format I tried to realize a coherent and cohesive sound all over the songs.
The initial idea came from all the “Moderat” track, which takes its name from the band Moderat, the Berlin electronic project. I was working on a loop taken from Milk song, sampling it and keep editing it in very simple ways.

What is striking in your work is the very personal management and almost schizophrenic quantization and sync. No coincidence that your own track is called “Out of Sync”. It almost seems that the world of your loops is in continual tension between the perfect synchronization and the manual inaccuracy, which makes your job very personal and charming. Can you explain how you get these sounds?
In the track “Out of Sync” is where I’ve got “lost more time …”
Let me clarify my idea which then subsequently develops in my work: in the world of these compositions / sound (Techno-House, etc.), the repetition is the key, and I love this thing, but sometimes I can’t put it into practice…
I tend however to ensure that in the flow there is a progression of sounds, an increasing intensity of loops which intertwine with each other and with randomic kicks.


What software do you use for music production?
I compose exclusively with Ableton Live, and I use Logic just for post-production.
The melodies are played parts with tools, however, being a musician I like to play synths.
Microphones were used for recording acoustic instruments, including guitars and voices.

Tell us a bit ‘of your influences. What do you think when you compose music?

During this interview I’m listening to a vinyl from the 70s, Queen II: imagine how much music I listen to!
I played for over 10 years in the band “Camera237″, rocking the Italian underground scene: even in this case there was an evolution in the sound, beacuse we started as an instrumental post-rock band, coming now to incorporate a lot of electronics. Being a producer / deejay would be my “wicked” part that I never had (cit.). I’m going to express myself sounding more like the present release

Is your studio activity well connected with the live thing?
Besides the studio time, I’m djing in clubs around Italy and I love the vibes coming from the dancefloor, everytime!

What are the next chapters of Ignacio Nistik? Do you already have something in the pipeline?
Things are evolving, but 70% of the ideas are continuously trashed trying to get things I like, so I need to have lot of time to work on my tracks. I will work on further releases, and I’m currently also building a live show for my project Ignacio Nistik.

You can listen to the entire release and buy it on Beatport

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