GiaGGio – Sirius ep – an interview


categoria: Putsch Records GiaGGio, you have just released your first ep for Putsch Records, “Sirius“, out on Beatport on May 15th. Can you explain the artistic content of your release?

Hello Alberto! I’d like to tell you that I am very happy about this release on Putsch. My latest productions are always very focused on the groove, I usually start trying to create a melodic texture, almost minimal, around it and that is what I did in this case. It all started with a drum pattern and it is actually present throughout the track “SiriusA” just to emphasize a kind of obsession with rhythm. Hope it will remain imprinted into your heads!

2. How did you get in touch with Putsch Records? Have you followed the previous releases?

Well, I met Alberto at a concert, exactly one year ago, and finally there was an opportunity to partner with its label. I am very happy and proud. I already knew the label and followed its release with the greatest interest.  

3. We know you have a long and fruitful experience as a drummer in a well known rock band from Puglia, The Yellow. Tell us a bit ‘of this experience.

Well, drums is the instrument with which I was born artistically and with which even I can better express myself. My history as a drummer in The Yellow began two and a half years ago, we have assets an album, so many live, some important such as the Sziget Festival, L ‘MTV New Generation Campus … well we are doing good stuff :)

4. How can you switch from contemporary rock to the techno music developed in “Sirius”? Do you think the two worlds can peacefully coexist?

I ask this to myself many times … maybe I have a bipolar personality?! : D No Seriously, I carry within me both worlds and they coexist peacefully and for the moment, among other things in The Yellow I deal often with electronic parts, while in the GiaGGio live set I often have in my hands a pair of chopsticks and acoustic drums. Watchword is contamination !!

5. I know that on the day of the release you will be in Germany, and with your project are about to embark on some dates outside Italy. Can you talk about these developments?

I will follow the Sirius release from Frankfurt ;) Also in September 2015 I will depart for a European Tour, supported by Puglia Sounds. The “SiriusA Europe Tour” will touch the following cities: Vigo – Spain ; Berlin – Germany; Valka – Latvia; Liverpool – UK; Brussels – Belgium; Paris, France; For dates, I report to my Beatport profile.

6. Do you have plans for the future? Have you other collaborations with Putsch Records?

At the moment I am dedicated to the preparation of the very live set, that being for most played live, requires much work and many trials, and I am also working on other productions, and why not, maybe they will be released by Putsch :) Cheers and good vibes to all! ;)

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