Fade “Infinite” live video


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Fade has just finished recording the live video of his track called Infinite, included in the ep of the same name released on Putsch Records in March 2014. You can buy the entire release on our digital store on Beatport.

In this live performance of Infinite, Fade dries the arrangement to get to the point of his song, a catchy intersection of verse-chorus-bridge that brings the excitement at maximum with a short and touching climax. Emotional and intense, the thin voice and the organ are well mixed in a minimal track, bringing all the mistakes, memories and shreds of the past brought by the lyrics.


Fade and the orange organ

In the video Fade plays a Bontempi Hitorgan, a fan toy organ made by the famous Italian manufacturer and dating back to 1973. It has no audio output, because the instrument was intended to be played live in a small room or apartment by youngsters as a toy. The sound is very similar to an accordion, with the add of the rough and huge sound of the fan, always blowing air even when not actually hitting the keys.

In the production, with the Bontempi has been layered a deep sub-bass and some delays on the lead voice, just to get some ambience and body on the whole track.

The ep including the original track is called “Infinite ep”, is released by Putsch Records and distributed worldwide by Total Wipes Music Group

Fade “Infinite part1 (live version)” is written, arranged and performed by Francesco Bruno aka Fade.

The track is recorded and mixed by Alberto Dati

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