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Good morning mr. Buben. Your “Run Along ep” has just been released with Putsch Records. Can you expand a bit on the tracks contained in the EP? What is your inspiration?



In this EP I made an attempt to experiment on rhythms where I used different drums styles and gave myself a freedom not to adhere to any particular style. I recorded the drum line on drum machine for each composition, this is why the drum line in changeable throughout the album. Besides, I have used deep ambient parts and keyboard sounds. I attempted to create a kind of prototype of Eastern European Dub, which would reflect the surrounding atmosphere and emotions in the society.


Looks like you are very well known in Belarus, because of your participation to MTV and you managing a couple of big music festivals. Can you talk about your career?


As I am already rather old J, I have had a number of important events in my career. I will try to expand on them briefly.

When I was a school boy, I dreamt of becoming a radio and TV show man, and create my own rock group and play on stage. All my dreams have come true. I started my music career in early 90s in punk rock group Barfly’s Dreams, which was one of the pioneers to combine hardcore, punk rock, funk and other styles. Consequtevy, Barfly’s Dreams’ introduced some electronic elements, turning into the projects I Me Mins, Skvarka and eventually my solo break core / digital hard-core project Buben (first in this style in Belarus!)


Later I participated in creation of the group Ambassador 21 with my radio colleagues, where I recorded several albums but left after a year. Anyw
ay, it was a good experience for me. Many more projects of mine came to follow as well as my personal radio shows on different alternative music styles. Besides, over a year, I was able to lead the programme “Did you call for electricians?” on Belarusian MTV with a focus on non-commercial music.


I played over 350 concerts both in Belarus and in many other European countries.


Recently, I got interested in free improvisation music, where I collaborate with a “veteran” of this style in Belarus group Knyaz Mishkin.


Besides, I am running a project called Dances with Buben where I combine my electronic music with poetry of young Belarusians. Facebook.com/DancesWithBuben.

albertodati-bubenWhat are the main tools of your work? Are you working in the box or do you use analog devices?


I am using both – the PC and the analog devices, e.g. groove box, Roland and a number of old Soviet synthesizers, depending on the creative aims I am pursuing. I am convinced that the more tools you are using, the better. I even got an electro-guitar!


I see that you have more than 60 releases around the world. How can you be that prolific and still keep in touch with reality?

Actually now over 170 releases, including non-commercial ones.

As for the reality, it is there in my sounds. As long as I have the energy to create, I am going in for it – thank God for the interest and zest to life that he is giving to me!


Are you currently running other projects? Do you have any musical project in the near future?



Besides Dances with Buben, I am also running a project with my wife, Anastasiya Labada, where we are improvising and recording together. I have recently had a personal art exhibition and published a book for children and stories for adults. More is coming!


Buy Buben’s “Run Along EP” here !

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