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Hello ALWA, can you explain the meaning of your nickname? Who is behind this name?

In the midst of a tumultuous brainstorming, we came up with the nickname using the initials of our names: Alessandro and Walter. The passion for electronic music has brought us, after many experiments, to music production, fascinated by the possibility of being able to develop our ideas thanks to technology.
PUTSCH006 - ALWA - whispering through -greyYou have just released a single on Putsch Records, “Whispering Through“. Where do you get inspiration for your pieces? At what audience you are targeting?

Our influences are mainly electronic, the Teutonic school and part of the British scene influenced the choice of many sounds. We listen with pleasure to US and European authors: actually we try to export our products to areas where the music scene is more akin to our concept of music.
Are you working on anything new? Can we expect another release on Putsch?

Yes, we currently are working on deep-house and dub releases, while other ideas are almost ready. Obviously other releases with Putsch Records are also included in our future plans.
Do you have a live set? How do you manage the pair work in live performances?

We have no particular preferences: we like to play in the traditional way, using a normal console or even with midi controllers.

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