995 – Saliò el Sol released on Beatport


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1 – Hello 995, your second ep “Salio el Sol” has just been released on Putsch Records and as a Beatport exclusive. The sound of these two tracks, although in line with your project 995, seem lighter and suspended. To what do we owe this new sound?

Hello! Actually, this second ep “Salio el Sol” has different sounds than usual, identifying itself with the title of the ep. Sounds and lights are suspended, as our actual state of mind, at dawn, hanging out at the beach. It sounds vague and free, and it seems to dissolve among the arpeggios of piano and bass frequencies below 50Hz.




You can BUY the release HERE !



2 – What were the sources of inspiration used in “Saliò el Sol”, especially for the use of pianos?

We were inspired mainly to the melancholy sounds of late summer and early fall. The piano perfectly depicts this kind of atmosphere, involving the senses in a soft turbine.


albertodati-putsch-995-013 – Can we talk a bit ‘of your live experience? I know that you played at the Love Festival in Rome last year …

Live, nice word. We had a good chance of expression in our context in the city of Bari, although this “trip” in Rome was of paramount importance. Having won the competition of Love Talents, we played during the Love Music Experience in Rome, New Year’s Eve. On this occasion, we met great artists of the electronic scene, like Marcel Dettmann, Jon Hopkins, Ricardo Villalobos, Ben Klock. This has very much gratified our work and sacrifices made, driven essentially by the passion for music.


4 – Can you explain the setup used for your DJ sets? You are always in two?

Our setup consists of two cd players, timecoded, and one mixer. We play back to back, since this project is the workshop of our musical ideas, and the presence of both of us on the scene is essential.


5 - Putsch Records is in its fifth release: what do you think of this young emerging label?

Putsch Records represents for us a great reference point. Although it is a young emerging label, it has been able to welcome us and make us grow, especially in terms of music: Alberto, in fact, became our mentor. We are proud to be part of this label’s roster, and we are especially convinced that, keeping this in mind, we can make giant steps.


6 - Do you have any new ideas? What are you working on lately?

We are working on two new eps, with electronic and environmental influences. Thanks to the whole Putsch crew, we got the opportunity to launch our musical ideas in the digital music market. We are truly grateful !



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